Tom here
 I am going to be interviewing new metal fab shops for future production for frames.  I am going to put brush orders on hold till
I fine a suitable manufacturer for Toon-Up Brush.




Toon-Up Brush
10107 Willingham Rd

Cell  704 439 7999  
Only $289.00
shipping not included


Save time and money by using the TOON-UP BRUSH from the comfort of your dock.  Keeping your pontoons clean will provide better fuel economy and better performance.
TOON-UP BRUSH is designed for 25" round pontoon tubes. Lifting rails prevent the brush from making proper contact with tubes, a solution may be in the near future. The pontoon cleaning brush was designed for the lakefront or marina slip owner who does not want his time spent doing Pontoon boat maintenance, or the costly detail process. TOON-UP BRUSH is designed to clean the pontoon tubes while submerged in the water at your dock.
I own a Harris Super Sunliner 220 on Lake Norman in Cornelius, NC. The 1 3/8 aluminum tube is shaped to fit the pontoon. The 2" poly bristles do the scrubbing. With a little firm lifting of the brush and walking it back and forth along the pontoon with a slight tilt of the handle. I have done trials in speed and fuel with great results, it works.    

Picture shows TOON-UP BRUSH in proper position on dry land.
Shows tubes before brushing
Scan through pictures to see how tubes look after a few passes with brush.


Picture shows TOON-UP BRUSH in a tilt while walking back and forth   
Picture shows TOON-UP BRUSH in proper position for walking the brush up and down tube. 
Picture shows how TOON-UP BRUSH separates into three pieces, then is easily
put back together with button snaps.  
Picture shows close-up of button snaps
10107  Willingham Rd
Huntersville,NC. 28078
Web-site  www.
Phone   704 237 4070 /   cell 704 439 7999 
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